IT solutions provider in a range of sectors, from financial services, government institutions, and startups.

We think discipline and expertise are the keys to create higher-quality software products in shorter time.

A team able to work with a high variety of programming languages and platforms.

Atlantis of Code
Snapshots of our works

Factunube Invoicing software on Cloud

Factushop Your online shop managed with Factunube

Factunube Mobile application

Receipt printing from the browser

Intraweb for the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies

Public beach monitoring viewer in web

webGL Earth viewer with Cesium

webGL Balearic Islands terrain with Three.JS

Real-time AIS viewer

Lagrangian particle simulation viewer

Autonomous underwater vehicles tracking

WMS/ncWMS rich client

NetCDF time series plotting client

Sencha Touch 1.x weather app

Balearic Islands beaches app in Swift

Calcumed app for health professionals

Times tables game app for kids

Maze of the Dead game for Android and iOS made with Unity

BANG! app for scores: React Native, Android and iOS

Desktop cmod3 music player: Angular, nw.js, and emscripten

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